A Group Exhibition from 28th Feb - 5th March 2018

The Old Newington Library

155 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1RS

Featuring Artists:

Meg Wroe

Syeda Begum, Meng Ni Beh, Aimee Brigginshaw, Sue Dagnall, Nathalie du Luart, Dominic Head, Karin Jolly, Rebecca Kunzi, Patrick O'Donnell

Constellation - an Exhibition of paintings and prints by 8 artists at THE CONINGSBY GALLERY

December 18th - 23rd 2017 - Coningsby Gallery London

I have several paintings, including 'Bright Field', in a group Exhibition at:

Coningsby Gallery - 30 Tottenham Street London, W1T 4RJ

Private View - Tuesday 19th December 6.30 - 9pm

I will be at the Coningsby on  Monday 18th December,  10 - 4pm and Tuesday 19th, 12 - 6pm - do come and say hello..  

The other artists exhibiting work:

Bev Sage

Ann Simberg

David McGrath

Karin Jolly

Gustavo Fernandes

Nathan Downie

Sue Dagnall

Everything is Possible...

An Exhibition of Paintings & Sculpture by  Meg Wroe & Paddy O’Donnell

Through painting and sculpture, Meg Wroe and Paddy O'Donnell explore the resilience of people caught in different troubled relationships.  The paintings by Meg Wroe were inspired by a visit to Bethlehem with Amos Trust. The sculptures and drawings by Paddy O’Donnell are his response to this theme, reflecting on a visit to Easter Island and its troubled history as a paradigm for troubled communities everywhere. Sometimes events - history make it difficult or, seemingly impossible, for people to work together, but in these desperate situations there are amazing stories of hope.

Everything is possible . . .


The Connisby Gallery

Exhibition of paintings and prints by 8 artists