Lumen Gallery

My current Exhibition at the Lumen Gallery, 88 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RS has been extended until Thursday 18th April 2.30pm.

Resonance - The Coningsby Gallery, 10-15th Dec. 2018

Coningsby Gallery - 30 Tottenham Street London, W1T 4RJ

Resonance is a group exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery, from 10 - 15th December 2018. The SE1 Artist Group draw on their diverse insights into modern identity, woven through the aesthetics of painting, sculpture and print. They respond to and reflect on society and the natural world, revealing the invisible as visible. Meg Wroe will be exhibiting recent work from her ‘Autumn Gold’ and ‘Bright Field’ series of paintings on canvas and wood.


A Group Exhibition from 28th Feb - 5th March 2018

The Old Newington Library

155 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1RS

Featuring Artists:

Meg Wroe

Syeda Begum, Meng Ni Beh, Aimee Brigginshaw, Sue Dagnall, Nathalie du Luart, Dominic Head, Karin Jolly, Rebecca Kunzi, Patrick O'Donnell

Constellation - an Exhibition of paintings and prints by 8 artists at THE CONINGSBY GALLERY

December 18th - 23rd 2017 - Coningsby Gallery London

I have several paintings, including 'Bright Field', in a group Exhibition at:

Coningsby Gallery - 30 Tottenham Street London, W1T 4RJ

Private View - Tuesday 19th December 6.30 - 9pm

I will be at the Coningsby on  Monday 18th December,  10 - 4pm and Tuesday 19th, 12 - 6pm - do come and say hello..  

The other artists exhibiting work:

Bev Sage

Ann Simberg

David McGrath

Karin Jolly

Gustavo Fernandes

Nathan Downie

Sue Dagnall

Everything is Possible...

An Exhibition of Paintings & Sculpture by  Meg Wroe & Paddy O’Donnell

Through painting and sculpture, Meg Wroe and Paddy O'Donnell explore the resilience of people caught in different troubled relationships.  The paintings by Meg Wroe were inspired by a visit to Bethlehem with Amos Trust. The sculptures and drawings by Paddy O’Donnell are his response to this theme, reflecting on a visit to Easter Island and its troubled history as a paradigm for troubled communities everywhere. Sometimes events - history make it difficult or, seemingly impossible, for people to work together, but in these desperate situations there are amazing stories of hope.

Everything is possible . . .